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66% rating • 3 votes is a io game, a little different from the others, is innovating with a new game mode super fun, shoot the enemies and paint the territories to earn points and be in the first position.

How to play

In this new game you have the option to play anonymously or register, we recommend you create an account, because if you do not do it when closing the window you will lose all your progress.

The objective of the game is to obtain points to improve your ship, and to obtain points you have to destroy the enemy ships and conquer territories, the more points you get you can improve your ship and acquire new weapons.

The territories are the circles that are on the map, and to conquer it you just have to go over them, and you can see how they are painting the color you were assigned at the start of the game. You can also see bots that move around the map, shoot them to convert them to your color and help you when it comes to defending yourself.

To improve your ship you can find on the map boxes with improvements, when you get an improvement go to the manufacturing part in the main menu to improve your ship, you can only have 3 ships saved. Keep in mind that when you grab a box with upgrades you will have to survive 30 seconds until it is saved, if you die before you lose the box.


Arrows left and right - move

Arrow up and down - accelerate and brake

Double up arrow - boost

Space - attack

Enter - chat
splash wars io
splashwars io


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