Starship Dogs

3.4K plays • 01/02/2018

100% rating • 2 votes

Starship Dogs is a multiplayer game of spaceships, where you will have different arenas with a couple of variations between them, for example, large maps and other guys, player against player, teams against teams, and even a game mode of football.

How to play

Get as many points as you can, to get the points you will have to kill the enemies. If you need to recover your life or your ammunition, you can return to the base where you will be safe until you recover. Collect the bright spots left by enemies when they die to unlock special abilities, such as Bombs, Mines, Plasma Bullets, etc.


WASD - move

Space - shoot

1, 2, 3, 4 - special abilities

starship dogs
starship dogs


Free For All
Team Vs Team
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