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About is a top down sumo game with billiards style physics. Knock other players out of the ring to earn upgrades and dominate

How to Play

Use WASD or the arrow keys to navigate around the map. You only control your acceleration and not your velocity directly so make sure to compensate!

Bump into other players to knock them out, if a player you've recently touched is knocked out, you'll get points.

Spend points on upgrades by clicking the menu in the bootom left or by pressing the appropriate number key.

Press SPACE to activate your special ability which will make you significantly denser. But watch out as you can't steer while it is active! Strategy

Try to bait players into using their special while you're close to the edge, if they miss you, they'll fly right out of the ring.

Consider forgoing upgrading size in order to focus on Special Power, Special Power outscales size. If you build size, it will make your special ability more unwieldy. This can lead to a powerful glass canon build... if you have the chops to handle it that is.
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