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About is a game of survival with similar graphics and gameplay to the immensely popular Minecraft title. You must compete with or against other players to survive in this blocky world. Travel around the map and gather resources such as wood and stone – you must also collect food to survive. Using the materials you collect you can craft structures and items such as weapons and tools.

During the level the weather and atmosphere changes so ensure you are prepared for nighttime when visibility becomes poor. You can use your imagination to create a shelter of house for your character, and to craft different items to help your survival. Maybe you will form an alliance with other players? Or maybe you will go rogue and attempt to crush anyone that gets in your way? Enter this blocky world today and test your survival skills!


WASD or arrow keys to move

Left click to shoot or attack

R to reload

E to open craft menu

F to pick up
survived io


Free For All
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