4.4K plays • 12/03/2018

60% rating • 5 votes is a io game with the same style of but with some important variables, and the most striking of them is that the worms can be divided into several parts and control them, also visually is very attractive and even the sounds are interesting, an excellent option if you want to try something different.

How to play

The goal is the same as in all games of its kind, get points to grow and be the largest of the game, here you can find some very bright spheres on the map and also marauding insects that will give you a shield so that the enemies can not cut you, you can cut other worms if you use the skill but it is spent and you have to wait for it to regenerate, the interesting thing is that you can also cut yourself and have an army of worms that will go where you go but will eat automatically, also every so often you can find a special ability, for example, attract the points that are a little close.


Mouse - move

Left click / W - boost

Right click / Space - cut

Scroll - zoom
sworm io


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