4.6K plays • 12/03/2018

83% rating • 6 votes is a car racing io game, but with a unique style, it can be said that it has an style, because you have to control the car with the mouse and pick up the white points on the map.

How to play

The objective of the game is to obtain points, therefore, we will have to collect the white points that are on the map by touching them or approaching them with the car, we can also kill other players if we get in front of their path and hit the tire brands that we are leaving on the road, keep in mind that they can also do the same, so be very careful.

If you pass over a puddle of water, you will suddenly stop and decelerate, also be careful not to pass too fast, because you will explode if you do it.


Mouse - handle

Left click - momentary impulse
the cars io
thecars io


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