3.8K plays • 20/05/2018

50% rating • 2 votes is a super fun io game, where you control a snake and you must conquer the figures of the map by converting them to your color, dodging the enemies and their figures, use the diamonds to steal the enemy figures.

How to play

The objective of the game is to conquer the figures of the map, the player with the most percentage of the map conquered is in first place. When starting the game you will be assigned a random color and you can only conquer the silver figures when you pass over them, if you hit an enemy figure you would die, and you will also die if you hit another player's snake.

To steal the figure of another player you must collect the silver diamonds until you collect a quantity of 3 diamonds, in this way you will see how the edge of your snake changes color, this means that you can conquer any figure no matter if it is already conquered by another player. If you keep collecting diamonds, the effect to conquer any figure will be maintained for a longer time. And if you collect a diamond that changes color constantly you can conquer any figure instantly.


Mouse - move
the wire io
thewire io


Free For All
Splix Style
Slither Style
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