5.4K plays • 31/03/2018

75% rating • 8 votes is a fighting io game in a closed arena, control your ball to attack and defend yourself from the other players, only the most skillful will survive.

How to play

Before starting the game you can choose a color for your cube, but first you will have to share the game. Put your name and go to battle, the goal of the game is to survive and kill as many enemies as possible, and eat the squares that are on the map, or what we can get if we kill another player.

To kill a player move your ball from one side to the other, this way it will swing and reach further, you can kill other players at a safe distance. The more cubes you eat your ball will grow more and you will be much stronger, survive and kill everyone to crown you as the best of the game.


WASD - move

Mouse - move ball
twix io


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