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About is a unique .io game in which you must build up a base, manage resources and fight for conquest against other players online. This game features a simple interface and gameplay but has detailed 3D maps and game mechanics that will keep you interested for hours. Choose from three different starting factions - each of which have their own play style and perks. Next you must choose a base city - the different types of city also offer unique bonuses depending on your preferred play style.

The game revolves around the resources of energy and matter - these two resources can be collected using extractors and can be used to purchase upgrades, new buildings and military units. Manage your resources carefully and upgrade you buildings to improve your technology. When you are ready, start to build an army to fight against the other players, and don't forget to use your special skills that can aid you in times of need. Take to the battlefield and play the fantastic RTS today!


Left click to do various action

Right click to order a unit to move
wazana io


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