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About is an .io game with a twist – this multiplayer combat game requires you to throw axes to vanquish your enemies! Before you enter the arena you can choose from a range of different skins and colors, plus you can choose your username. Scattered around the map you can find a variety of throwing axes – you must pick these up and launch them at your enemies to kill them!

Furthermore there is also a series of colored gems that you can collect – as you collect them and rack up kills the number of axes you can carry increases – this means you can throw more axes without having to collect them from the floor. Your character also has a rage bar – this fills as you kill characters. When the rage bar is full, you will throw axes continuously and become immune to damage for a short period of time so use it wisely! Keep moving, keep collecting and keep throwing! Hone your axe throwing skills today in!

Developer is developed by Clown Games.


This game is available as a web browser game and as an Android app.


Left click or space bar to throw an ax

Right click or W to dash
zlax io


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